About us

Started in 2015, Active Stars is a business with the aim of gently introducing toddlers and young children to a variation of sports in a positive, safe and pressure-free environment. The idea came from a lack of opportunity for children to participate in multi-sports sessions and so, we set out to change it. 

The key to keeping little ones entertained and fully engaged is variety. Unlike others, our focus doesn’t revolve around just one type of sport. We cover a wide range of games including: Football, Rugby, Athletics, Tennis, Hockey and many more. Paired with specifically designed activities, children have a great time learning and developing life-long skills.

What makes us unique? We combine a genuine interest for sports and a passion for teaching the younger generation, creating a truly unique experience that’s not only fun for children, but educational too. 

Our main objectives are:

  • To introduce nursery-aged and young school children to a variety of sports in a structured and non-competitive environment.
  • To demonstrate good sportsmanship throughout all activities, teaching children to play fair, respect others, and work as a team. 
  • To enhance both physical development and cognitive skills such as: core motor skills, coordintion, balance, attention and logic.
  • To inspire an active lifestyle and commitment to hobbies and other social activities in the future.

Above all else, we want every child who comes to Active Stars smiling from start to finish!

Our services include weekly parent & toddler classes, nursery classes, birthday parties, and holiday camps.

We now have classes running in Crawley, Haywards Heath, and Horsham.